Crisis Exposes Our Flaws

The End of Tradition! If you are doing the same thing you have been doing, then you’re getting the same thing (Insanity). The Ability to Walk In Someone’s Shoe. We need to show that empathy. Millions of our nation’s people are without jobs, unable to eat a proper meal or eat at all. We have got to do something.

Our Policies –

We will raise money from membership, investments, and donations to make Haiti safe.

  • Some funds will be invested in the Police forces for classes, tactical training, confrontations, and arrests.
  • Some funds will be invested in the judicial system (Judges, Lawyers, etc). There are a lot of smart people in Haiti that need help. With our monetary help, this will get them on the right track.

We want to make Haiti a safe nation as it was in the late 80s. We need to provide the youths of Haiti with a new vision. We need to make our Nation what we want it to be. We will not destroy it with our mouths. As Shakespeare said, “Sweet are the uses of adversities.” A crisis is the incubator of creativity. Two things that also happen in crisis are:

  1. People stop giving to a cause
  2. People sell their values to make it through

A Nation is built on Law and the first thing a Nation is based on is its Constitution. The Quality of life in a Nation is protected by Law. All society must adhere to Law. A Lawless country is a dying country.

God’s Divine Law –

Law is the inherent principle that regulates the nature of life and relationships In God’s Creation. This applies to both natural and supernatural spaces, and both physical and spiritual beings to guarantee maximum fulfillment of the purpose and potential of life. For example, a fish lives and moves in water by a divine law given during Creation.

The Law Of Humanity

  • Man was created to live by natural and spiritual laws.
  • Human relationships are also built on the principle of law.
  • Social relationships are products of law.
  • Law is the key to success and prosperity.
  • Jesus Christ came to Earth to Restore…
  • Law restores order
  • Grace is given to keep the law, and our life in order.

Haitians, you were created to solve a problem. You were born to solve a problem. You exist as God’s Plan for you to solve this problem. It’s your assignment to solve a problem in a generation. You were not born to make a living and die.

I Am Necessary. You are not a Mistake. You become Valuable for solving your problem. Do not ask God to remove your problem. It’s what will give you value. You are not remembered for the problems you run away from. Your leadership is on solving problems.

If anyone wants to be great, then one must become a servant, a server, or a slave to everyone. Deploy yourself, discover your gift and they will find you. If you want to fail, then follow everyone and imitate your neighbor. What you are looking for is right where you are.

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